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Professional translation about any subject except legal documents, because this is a completly different lanquage!

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If you develop software, you can get it translated in Greek or Englis in such a format that it will be very easy for you to impliment the translation to your application.

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Get professional translation for files up to 20 minutes long and up to 1000 words. If the file is longer simply place more orders accordingly

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English to Greek

Hi, my name is Maryann and i Translate English to Greek or Greek to English professionally and accurately for $5 only. The Greek dictionary is not very different from the English one, but the grammar is so different that it is impossible to get a meaningful automatic translation by using free online translators such as Google translator no matter how good Google translator is for most languages. Don’t take my word for it, just copy paste the Greek translation of this text below on Google translator and see for yourself the results. If you need a professional translation you must find a professional translator and this could cost you a lot. 

Moreover, i understand that grammatically correct translations are not enough for your project, each translation needs to convey all of the original emotions, tone, and meaning of your words to ensure that the reader will have exactly the same experience in both languages.  

But there is a great site where you can find professional translations for only $5. You can find the link for this awesome site at the top of this comment. If you need a Greek translation then you are more than welcome to find me there under the username urfembillboard. As i already mentioned on the video, for only $5 i will professionally translate ANY document up to 1000 words. If your document is bigger than that, then please place more orders accordingly. In case
you have not heard about Fiverr it is a place where thousands of people offer their services for $5. 

How to order a translation or another service for $5

You can order a translation in less than a minute. All you got to do is join fiverr (it will take a sec if you join with your facebook account or 5 seconds if you choose to join with your email), then select the category of the service that you need and choose the service that you like the most.

translate english to greek

Make sure to read the feedback of the service first and then select ORDER NOW. The payment page will open and yes, it really only costs you $5    :-)
translate english to greek

Thats all! At the top of the page you will see a notification telling you to send a message to the person that offers the service of what exactly you need. For instance if we order this service for Jamaican translation, (it could also be English to Greek, to German etc) i would send the following message"Hello, please find attached the document that i would like to translate". Select attach file and browse to find the file on your computer. Send the message and you are done! Each person delivers in a different time frame, most people deliver within 48 hours. You can see that in the service details. So after you place your order you will receive a notification at the top of the page when the translation is ready .

Translate English to Spanish, French, German or to any language

I only offer English to Greek (or vise versa) translations on Fiverr but there are hundreds of people who offer reliable translations on Fiverr for almost any language and for $5 only. Fiverr is becoming very popular because it is a place where people offer various services for just $5, including translations.

The translations are not only very affordable (you won't find a better price), but also very reliable. People who buy these services leave their feedback after they receive their order so it is very easy for everyone to check the quality of each service according to the feedback.

How many words you can get translated for $5 depends from the seller, but as a rule of thumb you can get at least 500 words translated and in some cases people offer translation of up to 1500 words for the same amount. If you need to translate more words you simply place more orders accordingly.

When i first joined fiverr, i was looking for a way to promote my translations and to be honest i only joined to provide services. It took me 2 months to make my first purchase but after that, i purchase a new service almost every week. There is such a vast variety of different services and for such a great price that each time i make a purchase i have the feeling that i actually saved money!  :- )

If you have n't seen what services you can have for $5 you should definitely visit fiverr ASAP.

Mission statement

How i became a translator?

My father is Greek and my mother is English, so maybe this is one of the reasons that i love to perform English-Greek translations.


  • Always offer the best value for money: Translation of up to 1000 words for $5 only.
  • Quality: "What you do, do it well" , a bad translation is a useless translation. My goal is to provide top quality and that's why i am a top rated translator for Greek/English documents and have happy returning customers. Nothing cheers me up more than a positive feedback!
  • Quick and reliable delivery: I always deliver within 48 hours. 
  • After sale support: After the translation i am available to answer any questions you might have regarding the translation.


  • Native in Greek and English, experienced translator.
  • Translate, documents, blogs, sites, audio, video, technical translations, medical translations, application translations etc.
  • Fast service - always deliver on time! Most of short translations are delivered in less than 24 hours. If you need the translation urgently you can select express delivery and you will receive it in less than 12 hours!

Contact me!

Any questions you might have, please contact me. Just login on fiverr, look for my username which is urfembillboard and send me a message. I will be very happy to hear from you and answer any question you might have!